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Huff Post, "Jesus Christ Superstar: A Testament of Will on the New York on the New York Theatre

Such a great way to ring in Christmas 2016! Here's an excellent post-review of our show "Jesus Christ Superstar" featuring comments from the cast and creatives, myself included!

Here's an excerpt of the article:

Earlier during production, actor Kevin Rogers (a charming Simon Zealotos) made his off-Broadway debut in playwright Latoya Ann Dawson’s See Through My Lens, but the challenge of working two different shows simultaneously, he says, did not dampen the experience. “Our rehearsal process was distinctly different than most other shows I have been a part of because of the language barrier,” he told me. “Our director, Namiko Wada, came from Japan after having a long-time career as a choreographer... The language barrier could have easily been a problem––especially since English wasn’t a first language to many of the actors in the company as well. However, regardless of everyone’s fluency with English, music was a universal language we could all use to understand each other and communicate with.”

- Alan Jude Ryland

To read the whole article, Click Here.

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