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Extra! Extra! The Reviews Are In!

Opening week is officially over; we're already four performances in and the reviews are in! If you didn't already buy your tickets, you will after you read these reviews. Just click on the links below!

"A triplet of extremely versatile actors, Hannah Grace Forsley, Kevin F. Rogers, and Chloe Willa, credited collectively as “The Trio,” standby omnipresently, merely watching...

Throughout the show, Forsley, Rogers, and Willa play a dauntingly diverse variety of roles (everything from ghostly specters to rock band vocalists to medieval courtiers to office monitors), and blend together in tight vocal harmonies that are as stunningly beautiful as they are harrowingly haunting. The three of them are equal parts temptation, titillation, and the austere condemnation of both."

"The 'Trio' (Kevin Rogers, Hannah Grace Forsley, and Chloe Willa) are Love Court’s impromptu Greek chorus, commemorating each round of 'loves me' and 'loves me not.'"

Check out some stills from the production in my Production Photos!

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